service fee audit

Vesteda seeks needle in haystack

Essence of the lawsuit was Vesteda's doubt about our legitimacy. Conclusion was not a mea culpa, but that they are still continuing to search for a possible misstep by us. Their end goal: to not have to acknowledge us.

Service fee settlement 2020

The board scanned the underlying calculations, sent feedback and gave a GO under protest to Vesteda to settle the service fees for 2020. The GO is not our approval of the service fee policy.

Follow up on health club closure

Following the appeal of a tenant, 24 households responded to him. Herewith an overview and insight into his conversation with Vesteda and their rejection. Vesteda doesn't mention that it is a private facility.

Settlement again not on time

Just like any other landlord, Vesteda is legally obliged to settle before July 1 of each year. The board is of the opinion that they do not (yet) have their operations under control. Also they don't update us proactively.

Service fee settlement 2019

The board has asked Vesteda to speed up the settlement of the 2019 service fees. They indicated that all cost items ready, except heating costs. So they will not settle by the end of the month, but 'as soon as possible'.

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